Terminal scripting in 10.5

Een zeer handig tooltje om je sessies automatisch een kleur te geven als je aan remote ssh doet. (Via The Omni Mouth)

Bewaar deze code in een executable scrip ergens in je path

on run(MySettingsName)
	set MyTTY to do shell script "/usr/bin/tty"
	set TTYTab to my find_tab_for_tty(MyTTY)
	if TTYTab is missing value then
		return -- Bail if we got confused rather than making it worse
	end if
	tell application "Terminal"
			set MySettings to settings set named MySettingsName
		on error
			return -- bailout
--			set MySettings to default settings -- use default settings if the name is bogus
		end try
		set current settings of TTYTab to MySettings
	end tell
on find_tab_for_tty(MyTTY)
	-- Find the window/tab that has this tty.  Could use an application->tab relationship or possibbly a 'find tab by tty' command of some sort.
	tell application "Terminal"
		set MyWindowCount to count of windows
		repeat with MyWindowIndex from 1 to MyWindowCount
			set MyWindow to window MyWindowIndex
				set MyTabCount to count of tabs of MyWindow
			on error
				set MyTabCount to 0 -- a non-Terminal window?
			end try
			repeat with MyTabIndex from 1 to MyTabCount
				set MyTab to tab MyTabIndex of MyWindow
				if MyTTY is (tty of MyTab) then
					return MyTab
				end if
			end repeat
		end repeat
	end tell
	return missing value
end find_tab_for_tty

edit je .bash_profile en voeg de volgende code toe:

# Show remote Terminal sessions with a different style.
# TERM_PROGRAM doesn't get set if we are logged in remotely,
# but then the originating Terminal could have done this (hopefully).
if [ "$TERM_PROGRAM" = "Apple_Terminal" ]; then
  function ssh {
    SetTerminalStyle ssh
    SetTerminalStyle "$@"
    /usr/bin/ssh "$@"
    SetTerminalStyle default

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