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Textmate Comments doesn’t work anymore!

I like to stay on the edge of development so I’ve installed all the bundles available for TextMate in to my ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate.

But then you get a lot of bundles you don’t need like Active4D and ASP, so I disabled all the bundles who’s name didn’t ring a bell to me. The menu is readable again! Little did I know it was going to bite me in the foot the next day.

I performed this action late at night, just before getting some shut-eye. The next morning I was happily coding away until I discovered the Comment (command + /) feature didn’t work anymore!


At first I thought it was a corrupted bundle, so I disabled all bundles to no avail. Then I reinstalled TextMate, nothing….

I have this plugin called Project+, updated it: nope, reinstall it: nope, disable it: nope.

With AppZapper I deleted the caches: no joy.

So I was already an hour away and I got frustrated….. So I enabled all plugins and Tada! IT WORKED AGAIN! By trail and error I found out:

It’s all in the bundle called “Source”.

Re-enabling this plugin restores all functionality! Whoohoo!!

So, here we go again, coding happily away….

Create a Facebook app with Rails

In the beginning of this year I scored a programming gig for Wakoopa to spice up their Facebook app.

The original app was created in .NET by a third party and was buggy as hell. The goal was to recreate the app in Rails and have at least the same functionality.

Some befriended (PHP) developers warned me that facebook has some serious pitfalls so before I made an estimate for the project I bought a PDF called Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails from The Pragmatic Programmers and a PDF book from Peepcode.

Thanks to this PDF and the Facebooker plugin it was doable. I made the sample application as described in the PDF and so I had enough knowledge to create the WakoopaFacebook app. My advice: buy it!