Textmate Comments doesn’t work anymore!

I like to stay on the edge of development so I’ve installed all the bundles available for TextMate in http://svn.textmate.org/trunk to my ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate.

But then you get a lot of bundles you don’t need like Active4D and ASP, so I disabled all the bundles who’s name didn’t ring a bell to me. The menu is readable again! Little did I know it was going to bite me in the foot the next day.

I performed this action late at night, just before getting some shut-eye. The next morning I was happily coding away until I discovered the Comment (command + /) feature didn’t work anymore!


At first I thought it was a corrupted bundle, so I disabled all bundles to no avail. Then I reinstalled TextMate, nothing….

I have this plugin called Project+, updated it: nope, reinstall it: nope, disable it: nope.

With AppZapper I deleted the caches: no joy.

So I was already an hour away and I got frustrated….. So I enabled all plugins and Tada! IT WORKED AGAIN! By trail and error I found out:

It’s all in the bundle called “Source”.

Re-enabling this plugin restores all functionality! Whoohoo!!

So, here we go again, coding happily away….

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