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Twitter Screen Saver (a.k.a. a “Stream Saver”)

Just a quick and dirty experiment: A Twitter ScreenSaver.


With the Apple Developer Tools installed, you are able to create your own screensavers with Quartz Composer.
(I’ve been experimenting with this tool a few years ago when it was called PixelShox. Later it was bought by Apple to include it in Quicktime.)

This “StreamSaver” is still a work in progress and sorry; OSX 10.5+ only.

If you have any idea’s, lemme know!

Download/see it here, and place it in ~/Library/Screen Savers.

Prediction: “Twitter App Formatting Standards War”

Well…, a war is a little bit exaggerated. But consistency is the issue here, which remembers me the early days of different implementations of webbrowsers (which is still a pain in the ass, ask any random webdeveloper)

For example, today I ran in to the formatting of an URL. In tweetdeck it’s only clickable when an URL has the protocol attached to it (http://). So I complained about it, thinking that people didn’t understand linking in tweets.

Turns out I was wrong, apps like tweetie and the webinterface of twitter itself automagically create a hyperlink from an address prefixed with www without an http://.

So my question is, should there be a standard (like HTML/CSS) or developer guidline to format tweets (or is there one already?)