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Hacking on vacation

I’m on vacation in New Zealand, visiting my sister (Marie-Louise a.k.a. Seven). Se happens to be engaged to a fellow Geek (Let’s call him Uan). Well, She’s more geek than us because she created the most complicated machine in the world (which we can’t even imagine to produce): a baby!

As an IT shop owner ( who’s always busy to satisfy his customers Uan tends to shift his “want to do projects” (because customers pay the bill right?) to the next weekend.

Because he already has a lot of the parts and of course there is a shed (all New Zealanders appear to have an shed. great inventions are made here: The world first JET powered beercooler), I offered some help. (otherwise I would ending up changing the new toddler’s diapers…..)

May I present to you: my

TODO list

  • DIY Touchscreen (we’re half way, more to come soon!)
  • Arduino hacks with Processing and OSC (I’ve got an Git Repository on Github)

    You might think: “Dude, you’re on a bloody vacation! Go see the country!”. Yup, been there, done that! This vacation is for me to sit back and relax: I have been far too busy the last few months with working for clients. Now it’s some Leon time: do some personal interesting stuff!

    I’ll keep you posted!