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Streaming w/ GoPro 3 + *spark d-fuser + Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt + Boinx TV + FMLE

For I created a setup to switch video streams.

  • GoPro 3
  • *spark d-fuser
  • Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt
  • Boinx TV
  • iGlasses
  • FMLE (Flash Media Live Encoder)

Things to do:


The GoPro is very picky on settings:
Set resolution to 720p60 (the actual framerate is 59.94 as others found out
(TODO: is NTSC relevant as well?)


Update .ini in the d-fuser to add a gopro entry: 720p 59.94
This is reference number 46 (see the support page for details how to do that)

Name = GoPro 720P60 (1280x720)
Number = 46
EDIDNumber = 5

Boinx TV

Add the BoinxTV Video Sender Package to the setup. This adds syphon output.


This package can pick up the syphon stream ffrom Boinx TV and make it available as a regular QT Camera which van be used in FMLE.

Other options to investigate:

Hacking on vacation

I’m on vacation in New Zealand, visiting my sister (Marie-Louise a.k.a. Seven). Se happens to be engaged to a fellow Geek (Let’s call him Uan). Well, She’s more geek than us because she created the most complicated machine in the world (which we can’t even imagine to produce): a baby!

As an IT shop owner ( who’s always busy to satisfy his customers Uan tends to shift his “want to do projects” (because customers pay the bill right?) to the next weekend.

Because he already has a lot of the parts and of course there is a shed (all New Zealanders appear to have an shed. great inventions are made here: The world first JET powered beercooler), I offered some help. (otherwise I would ending up changing the new toddler’s diapers…..)

May I present to you: my

TODO list

  • DIY Touchscreen (we’re half way, more to come soon!)
  • Arduino hacks with Processing and OSC (I’ve got an Git Repository on Github)

    You might think: “Dude, you’re on a bloody vacation! Go see the country!”. Yup, been there, done that! This vacation is for me to sit back and relax: I have been far too busy the last few months with working for clients. Now it’s some Leon time: do some personal interesting stuff!

    I’ll keep you posted!